International Conference on Isotopes in Qatar
Logo, Corporate identity

November 16 was the closing day of the 9th International Conference on Isotopes in Qatar (9ICI). We developed a logo, a corporate identity and an entire system of communication for this event. 9ICI is the largest forum that brings together researchers, isotope producers and isotope users. The conference is held once in a three-year period and is as important for the industry as are the Olympic Games for professional athletes.


The 9ICI logo has a unique typeface which combines both Arabic and European patterns. We took our starting point from the location of the conference (Qatar) and the fact that it was the 9th anniversary of the event. We wanted to merge these two elements. In the Arabic spelling of “Qatar” the letter Qaf (ق) looks very much like the digit 9. We decided to focus on this resemblance in the 9ICI logo.

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