About us

Branding Agency

Stayfirst. The Culture of Communication

Be the first to start a conversation. Everyone loves to talk: share news, stories, opinions. We learned how to communicate from our parents and the world around us. The brand too cannot start speaking all by itself, it has to be taught to communicate.

We know that your brand has something to say. We will help it gain voice, teach it to speak a common language with your audience. Offline and online, anywhere in the world, in any language. Сlear, bright and strong.

Who We Are

We help to build a conversation with your audience.

Stayfirst means to be and stay first. We make your brand's first word sound beautiful, modern and true. We help to build a conversation with your audience so that they want to make it last.

We single out the key needs of people and the key features of your business, and then help you build your brand's philosophy, image and message that click with the audience for the audience to say yes to you.

Our Principles

It is important for us not only to meet and talk, but also to know what it is like to be at your workplace, to read books that inspire you, and go through every stage of your work.

This is how communication with Stayfirst leads to shaping your unique message. We are not just an agency, now we are your team. And we are ready to fight for you to be the first.

A successful business begins with the right message to its audience. The success of our work begins with a message.

Together with you, we work out bold strategies for your brand. Through communication with you, we grasp and convey the essence, image and ideas of your business — we create a unique language of your brand.

How We Do It

Research and immersion
ФBrand's message shaping
Hypothesis testing
Project launch

1. We research and gain insight

We start with research. We study the company that approached us. We analyze the market where the company operates, its competition and target audiences of the brand. Then we review the existing communication of the brand. All these steps help us grasp the company's strengths, which need to be brought out.

We begin to gain insight into the true essence of the brand. We look for answers to the questions: what is the audience of this brand, what problem does it solve, what is the use of it?

At this stage, the idea of the business becomes clear and we are ready to shape its message to the audience..

2. We Form

There are several tools that help us form an effective brand message:

  • Text
    Brand basis, its philosophy, strategy and positioning;
  • Visual language
    Design, corporate identity, visual identity of the brand;
  • Digital language
    User experience — the experience of interaction with the brand in an online environment: simple, clear, safe.

As a result, a platform and a visual identity of the brand are formed.

3. We Test

We are not theorists. All of our hypotheses are tested in real-life environment. Surveys, in-depth interviews, tests, working out of implicit behaviours help us to make sure that the message we have developed is correct. Therefore, we offer solutions we are sure of.

Deliverables at this stage: a brand book or a guideline with all the brand’s communication materials, tested and proven.

4. We Launch

Testing is followed by rolling the brand out to the market. This is the most important process. The brand comes to life and enters communication with its audience for the first time. We select communication channels thoroughly. Each relevant channel is assigned a message that translates your brand's values and philosophy.

At the end of the project we work on introducing the brand into the environment. Ensuring the compliance with the brand's strategy, we provide support at every stage of the project's implementation, advise on branding and design, give recommendations on further development.

About Our Team

We have been engaged in branding for over 12 years. Our vision of life, brand and communication is different from everyone else's. Strategists, copywriters, philosophers, designers, analysts, researchers, creators — every person in our team thinks outside the box. We lean toward creativity, originality and "being first"-ness, rather than one-size-fits-all solutions.