Bread Crumbs

Bakery chain
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We received a request from a bread manufacturer who was launching a network of bakery cafes in St. Petersburg. Our task was to develop a brand that would not only sell bread, but also draw attention to coffee shop products — croissants, muffins, donuts.


This is a cozy place near your house where you can buy bread and chat with friends and neighbours. We wanted people to call in for bread and stay for a cup of coffee, because this bakery cafe is so cozy and friendly.

Brand Name

The first consistent pattern that we observed during the competitor analysis is that the names of cafes and bakeries are somewhat similar, even generic. On the one hand, we wanted the name to remain clear to the brand’s audience, but on the other hand, the brand has to stand out from its competitors. Among the concepts that we proposed was the name “Bread Crumbs”.

This name has several meanings. Bread crumbs are what is left of bread that a large family has just eaten for dinner. They are what is left after a good feast with friends. This is the bread you want to eat up to the last crumb.

On the other hand, the name makes you smile due to its playfulness. We added a new tint to the set expression “bread crumbs”. The word “crumbs” in Russian is used to denote cute babies. Naive, friendly and sweet. For Bread Crumbs we created brand mascots — each communicates with its target audience segment in its own language.

Corporate Identity

The main brand colours are mouth-watering shades associated with baking. These are shades of brown, mellow yellow, pink. As accents we used colours that are associated with donut glaze or muffin fudge — light blue, pink, mint, green.


The target audience of bread is very broad. Therefore, our communication should not be uniform. This product is so essential for our diet that it seemed inappropriate for us to single out only one audience group.

We developed ten Bread Crumbs characters, each speaking about its own product. If it is a croissant, the character would speak about coffee. If it is a baguette, it goes about breakfast in bed. If it is a slice of rye bread, it speaks about delicious borscht for lunch. So the brand mascots communicate each with their own audience.

Composition and lettering of the logo express movement as bread is what you need to sell quickly and buy while it is fresh. Soft asymmetrical letter lines evoke associations with fresh bread: tasty, rounded, but not perfectly smooth.

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