Linen Products Sales Company
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Vikolino is a young American company selling linen goods. The company lays special emphasis on the sustainability of their products. It was a very interesting project that included all stages of launching a product to the market: from naming to marketing strategy development and positioning within product categories. With flax taking the central position, of course.


Linen is a unique natural material, forming the basis of household. Perhaps the most surprising thing about linen is that it remains just as universal and common to our daily life as it was hundreds years ago. And this is especially important when creating an international brand. We were aware of the product’s power and integrity, so we decided to let linen speak for itself. And only then we put it into the form of a name, a logo, a brand book and other corporate standards.

Brand Colours

Linen is serenity and confidence. Therefore, сalm light blue and brown were chosen as the brand colours. Colours of water and soil are two basic natural elements.

Corporate Identity

Linen is lightness. That is why the Vikolino website is minimalist, with plenty of free space.

Linen is handmade. That is why we used craft paper for POS materials.

Linen is freedom and naturality. That is why we made packaging as open as possible, sometimes there is nothing but labes. Linen speaks for itself.

Photo shoot

Positioning of the Vikolino clothing line was also based on the most characteristic features of flax. A photo shoot, which we carried out for advertising catalogues and an online store, was themed on the same philosophy. Vikolino products are one of the most convincing answers to the growing trend of going back to nature, which is observed in various spheres. There is no such thing as eco-flax. Flax itself is eco-friendly.

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