Fur company
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Peltri is a small family-owned company that produces quality fur goods. Fur coats mostly. Furs have always been expensive. Even today a beautiful fur coat emphasizes the status of a woman and adds elegance to her personality. Material can reveal its plenitude only in the hands of a true craftsman. Wood and stone, leather and fur.

Corporate Identity

In Peltri’s corporate identity, we sought to emphasize the craftsmanship of their products, to liken it to traditional craftsman’s shops from around the world. Toledo shoe shops, Ontario furniture workshops or Tuscan tanneries have a great deal in common. They are based on the experience of craftsmen and craftsmanship, handed down from generation to generation, the simplicity of forms and names, which is a brand itself.

With traditional values, associated with fur and leather crafts, as a basis, we created a simple and clear logo, which could have been successfully used by craftsmen many centuries ago, but it also has great potential for development. Simplicity and closeness to the roots are brought out by simple geometric forms and the classic contrasting combination of white and black.

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