VTB United League

Annual basketball tournament
Logo, Corporate identity, Strategy, Branding, Web

We were approached by representatives of VTB United League — a basketball tournament, which has been bringing together clubs of Eastern and Northern Europe since 2008. Our task was to develop the project’s visual communication system, logo, corporate identity and marketing strategy.

Client and Task

Rough ball that fits in your hand perfectly. Feeling of flying during a jump. Winning goal accompanied by an ear-splitting siren… Today basketball is one of the most popular sports, and almost everyone knows how to play it.

Sports fans crave an action-packed show. And in basketball they get even more than that! The speed at which everything changes on the court is so high that the outcome of the match is not clear until the last seconds. The suspense remains! Counterattacks, swift passes and accurate shots across the court create a breathtaking picture.

Our task was to create a new corporate identity that evokes associations with the most dynamic of sports, reflects sports excitement and at the same time embraces harmony and taste. Just like it happens in basketball, where the lightning-fastness of reasoning co-exists with the lightning-fastness of action in harmony.

Logo and Corporate Identity

The starting points for us in the development of the corporate identity concept and the logo were the dynamic nature of the game and the main sports accessories of the tournament. In the logo design we decided to focus on the main league trophy — the Belov Cup. We placed it on a basketball, which is a means to achieve the cherished trophy.

In the development of a new corporate identity, it was important for us to keep it consistent with the old one, which we achieved through colour. Solid and deep blue is the leading colour. It represents power and wisdom. Orange, which is the second colour, is associated with energy, dynamics and the will to win.

Additional elements

As additional style-forming elements, we have developed a system of signs, based on the basketball court markings. However, basketball is not only action on the court, but also heated discussions in the locker room! We took inspiration from the coach’s notes, which he draws for his team. Those include arrows, circles and dotted lines, describing deceptive maneuvers that will lead the team to victory.

Combinations of these elements create a memorable image of the project, ensuring the brand awareness in any communication channel.

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