Contract metalworking enterprise
Logo, Corporate identity, Strategy, Branding, Web

Our agency was approached by the enterprise “Gran”, which has been engaged in contract metalworking for 20 years. They did not have a well-developed marketing strategy, so they were open to suggestions. Our task was to conduct research and develop a logo, corporate identity, brand book and website from scratch.


An important stage in the work on a project is the study of deep meanings for the development of brand or product positioning. If we can correctly reveal the understanding for ourselves, the ideas embedded in the identity will be well received by the target audience.
In the case of the research and production enterprise “Gran”, we revealed the philosophy and meanings of the name itself. It remained the same, although renaming was planned to facilitate the company’s entry into the international market.

The edge is what made a person effective.
When a person began to use a piece of stone with a chipped sharp edge, he began to work with it leather, wood – productivity and the likelihood of success increased as a result of the work. This sense is laid down in the philosophy of the brand – work with the Gran company will always be effective.

Corporate identity and logo

The colors of the corporate identity are based on the state of the metal when heated: when it reaches a certain temperature, it begins to glow with a gradient from blue to red.
Through red, the plasticity, pliability of the metal and the convenience of working with it are transmitted. Blue is the stability of the result and the work of business processes.

For the logo, we have developed a unique typeface, which consists entirely of edges. The brand should be technological, orderly. Therefore, the fragmented, sharp-edged logo details come together in a strong, stable shape that projects a solid approach to working arrangements and deadlines. In metal processing, these indicators are very important, therefore, they were reflected in a clear and simple design.

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