Investment company
Logo, Corporate identity

Developing an identity for a large investment company, which has such giants as Backblaze, Deposiphotos and Anews in its portfolio, is not an easy challenge for a Russian branding agency. When developing, it was necessary to take into account the mentality of the clients, because the headquarters of the venture fund TMT Investments is located in Jersey, one of the islands between France and the UK.


When developing complex projects, we always isolate the foundation on which the brand is built and what lies at the heart of its business model. For TMT Investments, these are investments in promising projects, and the effectiveness of such a scheme depends on the combination of the investor and the investor in the team.

That is why the meaning of the logo was based on the metaphor “Links of one chain”. The color differentiation is tough here: the green link, the smaller one – the startup, the large blue link – the investor. And there is no tension between them, because the investor always supports, and does not pull projects. Thus, it was possible to project the idea of ​​soft support for a business looking for a source of investment.
The same color scheme is used in all elements of the corporate identity, from the business card to the website.

They tried to develop the corporate identity concise, minimalistic and modern, in order to attract new startups that shape the future. Therefore, rebranding with this approach will not be needed anytime soon.

For the logo, our agency has developed a unique typeface. The strict geometry of the type emphasizes the reliability of the brand, but is also minimalistic and does not compete with the sign for attention, but rather reveals its meaning.

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