Navigation in Borodino

Museum and Reserve
Navigation System

Borodino Battle Field is a museum-reserve with an area of more than 100 sq. km. It comprises about 300 historical sites, each of which may be of interest to tourists.

You cannot walk around such a large territory without navigation signs and maps. Our agency was to make it convenient for visitors to navigate the museum territory, as well as to give them the opportunity to learn new historical details.


Navigation system is a system of direction signs that helps people navigate the area. Since the museum area is huge, signs and pointers help people who travel independently and study the events of the 1812 battle find their way to the object of interest. The system of navigational signs helps to understand where a particular monument, redoubt or monastery are located.

The museum navigation system consists of arrow indicators, steles, map panels, small plates with QR codes containing information about the monument.

In addition to the directions on all steles there is a map and symbols indicating the walk time. The map helps travelers navigate and understand how long a walk to the desired object takes.

Navigation Logic

The work on the navigation system is not limited to designing pictograms, pointers and drawing maps. Primarily it is studying and defining the logic behind placing the pointers so that people can easily and conveniently navigate the museum area.

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