Federal Center for Traumatology, Orthopedics, Endoprosthetics

Medical institution
Logo, Corporate identity, Branding

The Federal Center for Traumatology, Orthopedics and Endoprosthetics is a landmark medical institution with world expertise. Technically equipped, it stands out for its highly qualified staff and strong scientific base. In this project, our agency has tried to put all the important meanings in the end-to-end identity developed for a federal institution.


The logo, corporate identity and & nbsp; communication platform should reflect high technology, personal attention to & nbsp; patients’ problems and & nbsp; continuity of the best traditions of traumatology and endoprosthetics. At the same time, it is necessary to provide for the disclosure of the idea to a wide audience, because both children and & nbsp; elderly patients can be visitors to the center.


It is difficult for a medical field to develop visual communication elements. It is necessary to conduct research and & nbsp; find ways to interact with the & nbsp; audience so as not to break the associations formed in the & nbsp; distant past. And & nbsp; at the same time emphasize the expertise of doctors, modern equipment and & nbsp; the capabilities of today’s medicine.
Therefore, the developed logo is extremely minimalistic. Consisting of & nbsp; three signs, it & nbsp; broadcasts the main directions of the brand: traumatology, orthopedics and & nbsp; endoprosthetics.

The first sign, the deformed letter & nbsp; T, reveals the emotion in violation of integrity, the nature of the injury. Thus, we & nbsp; and & nbsp; extracted and & nbsp; the ancient emblem of traumatology associated with the & nbsp; legendary plane tree of Hippocrates: a broken tree tied with ropes to & nbsp; a pillar.

The second sign, a circle, reads like the letter & nbsp; О and & nbsp; contains in itself a striving for the & nbsp; ideal laid down by nature. And & nbsp; orthopedics just helps to correct the imperfections of the human body, be it a tooth, or a curved spine.

The third sign, the transformed letter & nbsp; E, conveys the meaning of endoprosthetics. The & nbsp; red dot, inside a large form, contains the idea of ​​the endoprosthesis itself & nbsp; & mdash; a hinge that replaces the destroyed joint. The accent color does not & nbsp; only emphasize the importance of this element, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; reveals the depth and & nbsp; warmth of doctors’ attention to the patients & nbsp; problems.

Corporate identity

The color scheme is solved in blue and & nbsp; orange. In & nbsp; blue is the idea of manufacturability and a & nbsp; strong scientific base, and & nbsp; its complementary orange expresses a personal approach to the patient’s & nbsp; problems. Each element of the corporate identity, be it a pen, a business card or a brochure with a list of services, conveys these meanings to the target audience of the customer.

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