Institute of Reproductive Medicine
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We received a request to develop a new brand for a reproductive medicine clinic. The team of the clinic includes doctors whose experience is valued both in Russia and abroad.


Develop a unique and clear brand name.

Develop a positioning statement, a visual identity of the clinic, an entire graphical language of communication.

Develop a digital platform, a clear and user-friendly website of the clinic.


A team of experts decided to create their own clinic. They realized that their vision, their views on reproductive technologies were different from those of their colleagues. Although these doctors are luminaries in the field of reproductive medicine, it was difficult for them to determine the positioning and communication for such a delicate subject as reproduction. That is why they approached our agency.

The reproductive technologies market is quite narrow. Not everybody needs IVF treatment. However, there are already a lot of companies in this market. Our client’s distinctive features are up-to-dateness and the use of modern technologies. There is everything necessary to ensure a complete reproduction cycle there. We decided to focus on these features.


First off, we conducted a large competitive analysis and found clinics operating in this market. Then we created a semantic cloud of competors’ names. Having analyzed the competitors, we realized that we should keep a balance between a considerate, individual approach, modern technologies, clarity and affordability.

Brand Name

One of the names that we proposed and that was subsequently approved by the client is Remedi. This compound word addresses the task we set ourselves, which is to combine science and clarity. Reproduction + medicine. We also developed a unique typeface for the brand: moderately strict and modern.


When the name was approved, we started working on the brand identity concept. People, who faced problems trying to conceive a child, are usually immersed in the subject of IVF. They are not random people. That is why we thought that a bold logo would be out of place. Nothing should distract from searching for information. However, there should be a zest that catches the eye, sets the brand apart from competition.

We saw a metaphor in one of the letters of the name, an image of a pregnant woman in the letter D. This image clicks with every couple searching for a reproductive medicine clinic. To emphasize this metaphor, we created an animated logo with the letter ā€œDā€ growing.

We chose not to introduce any additional elements that would make the metaphor obvious. Obvious things fade away from the memory very easily, unlike something that a person has figured out themselves and made sense of. It is the answer, the sense of illumination, that sink in the memory and create a strong bond between the audience and the brand.

Brand Colours

We put a great focus on the corporate colours of the Remedi brand. Green was the main colour. This colour is associated with a new life, growth, development. Shades of gold were chosen as additional colours. They symbolize the most precious thing in parents’ life. There is nothing people value more than life.

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