Qatar Physics Society
Logo, Corporate identity

A professor of physics from Qatar, for whom we had developed her personal brand, contacted the US representative office of Stayfirst in New York. This time our task was to create a brand and an entire communication platform for a physics academic society, which she became the head of.


In order to understand the essence of this brand, we began our research with fundamentals and pondered over what physics is. Physics seeks to study, comprehend and explain the universe. Most studies and hypotheses that caused changes in our attitude to the world are related to this science.

Brand Name

The first letters of the name “Qatar Physics Society” form the acronym QPS. The society was already associated with this name, so it became the name of the brand.


Communications of the physics society go far beyond Qatar’s borders. It is improtant for our client that the logo is clear to the global scientific community. That is why QPS logo contains both the acronym and its full form — Qatar Physics Society — in English and Arabic. For the logo not to look bulky, we used a strict and concise typeface. This helped us create a stylish and clear logo of the scientific society.

Corporate Identity

Having developed a rather strict and concise logo, we decided to add a modern and futuristic touch to the brand. As physics studies not only our past and present, but also our future.

The essence of most physical phenomena lies in the concept of waves — waves of sound, light, heat, gravity, electromagnetic waves. We picked out this wave nature and used it as a basis for the brand identity — the interweaving of waves.

Brand Colours

Physics seeks to comprehend and explain the design of the universe. Speaking about something infinite and eternal, most of us think of the space. Therefore, it is the colours of space objects we see on pictures of the space that inspired us, when we selected QPS brand colours.

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